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Anybody Home? with the PMS Players

The Award-Winning Sketch Comedy and Commercial Parodies Anybody Home? with the PMS Players is now on YouTube.
Right now
Catch Tom Schiller of Schiller Shorts (Saturday Night Live) hamming it up with the group in a twisted take on a serious problem. Trouble getting a date? Get the Gay Card.
This parody is another original minute of laughter.

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Anybody Home? with the PMS Players. FREE! Click
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Fans of Tupac and FX

We've got never before seen footage of the rapper / actor getting special effects make up applied for the movie, Bullet. Shot in 1996, but never before released! It's not comedy, it's quiet but cool!

Check Tupac out on the PMSPlayers Youtube channel.

Celebrity Comics Babble

A collection of unique interviews with an unrivaled line-up of over thirty of the word's foremost performers and comedians.

With humor, in their own words, comedic stars are honest, informative, inspiring and entertaining as they share their passion, motivation, beginnings, industry insight; the secrets to their success and business behind the laughter.
Interviews are compiled from The Comic Bible magazine.

Interviews include
Elayne Boosler, Tommy Chong, Lewis Black, Ray Romano, Tracy Morgan, Lisa Lampanelli, Wanda Sykes, Greg Giraldo, Judy Gold and so many more.

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Celebrity Comics Babble

ISBN: 978-0-9829282-0-2
CATEGORY: Autobiography/Biography - Performing Arts; Humor; Reference
Library of Congress: 2010911684
Soft Cover, 244 pages
List Price: $18.95


Laugh for a Good Cause

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Disabled Divas

Look for live and internet taped variety from a fabulous group of disabled female individuals and friends. You'll laugh, you'll be amazed, you may cry for a second then you'll laugh lots more!
here to find out more.

The HELP! Series - make life simple - Easy guides -practical information everyone needs to know.

Series 2 HELP! Earning Extra Cash - Easy Money
ISBN: 978-0-9829282-2-6
CATEGORY: Self-help; Reference
Soft Cover, 100 pages
List Price: $8.95

Series 2 is not a get rich quick scheme. It is for anyone who would like to learn how they can earn extra cash with little effort, or turn that effort into a full time job. Covering everything from recycling, to working at home and web based advertising incentive programs, this series is sure to please, and add dollars to everyone's pocket.

Learn How you can earn extra money with little effort
What recycling programs put cash in your pocket
What incentive programs save you money
How to make money with your old stuff
The ins and outs of earning extra cash on the web
How to start your own small business
BONUS- Free Stuff section!

Series 1 Benefits & Assistance Made Easy
ISBN: 978-0-9829282-1-9

This series focuses on educating the public regarding benefit programs and assistance, learning how to apply, and whom may qualify. From help paying bills to obtaining government assistance for ANY need



$8.95 ea

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