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Comedy between the Coasts
By: Ally Bruener

You'll find this column in every Comic Bible Magazine issue - Here's what it is about....

Do you want to get started in comedy, but think it is only possible to do so in world-renowned comedy capitals? Have you ever considered beginning your comedy career in an area with a seemingly unheard of comedy scene? Are you from a small town where senses of humor seem scarcer than stop lights?

As a baby of the comedy scene, I have already experienced the ins and outs of trying to make a name for myself in an unknown comedy Mecca: the Midwest. To those who haven’t reaped the benefits of this section of America, it is likely a surprise to hear of the opportunities available to amateurs and veterans, alike.

While exploring the unique options for aspiring comedians beyond big cities, I’ll share my personal experiences and advice on getting a leg up on the competition, both locally and nationally. From getting the most out of every open mic experience to understanding the benefits of networking, you will learn how developing and eventually mastering certain skills carry added benefits when pursuing a passion and potential career in comedy in the Midwest.

By:Ally Bruener is an up-and-coming stand-up comedienne based out of Louisville, Kentucky. After being diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy and fully wheelchair-bound at a young age, she found her voice as a self-advocate and affirmed that her rightful place in the world is in front of a crowd. Since graduating from the Underground Comedy School in October 2010, Ally has performed as part of the Clifton Heights Music Festival and as a member of Comedy Caravan’s Best of the Louisville Comedy Underground and Best of the Bluegrass series. This seemingly sweet and innocent girl breaks the limits of political correctness with self-deprecating cripple jokes and darkly observational humor while stealing the hearts of a shocked audience


laugh for a good cause

When The Comic Bible Magazine decided Laughter is the Answer and began producing events to benefit The Epilepsy Foundation, American Diabetes Association, Ryans Care, and others under the banner of, Laughter for a Good Cause and Laugh for a Good Cause, there was an occasional benefit and of course Comic Relief which utilized laughter to gain awareness for a cause.

These days many in the comedy industry are producing benefits, and charitable organizations have found that Laughter is the Answer!

Almost every festival hosts a benefit show, and almost every club opens their doors to benefits as well.

Stand Up for Heroes benefits, the Bob Woodruff Foundation, a national nonprofit that helps ensure our nation’s injured service members, veterans and their families return to a homefront ready to support them.

For more Benefit News Subscribe to The Comic Bible and stay tuned to our BLOG

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fun stuff

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Ask Kelly...
Questions and Therapy for Frustrated Comics

We all need a shot in the arm now and then. My last shot was due to my daughters pit-bull practically taking my hand off from a weekend visit. I thought I was a legitimate dog whisperer, but little June-Bug  saw me as a potential afternoon appetizer…yea, tetanus shots suck.

The shot in the arm I’ll be offering “CB” readers is a metaphorical one. It’s to help people like you with problems concerning your comedy writing. As far as I know there’s no such therapy for comedy writers like this anywhere (not even New York) and if there were, it would be expensive.  We comics are a unique bunch and operate just a bit off the normal playing field. Case in point; a good friend and passenger asked me what I thought of a disheveled mattress lying under an overpass in rural central California on a recent road trip. I said the accommodations looked freeway close. Common, where was the compassion… the humanity? I went right to a one liner; because that’s the way I look at things.

 As comics we just gotta realize that not everything in life has laugh potential (although a recent unpublished and unknown Harvard study indicated 99.967% of things do).

 I want your questions, your frustrations, your stone walls, your dead ends. You’re probably smarter than me and have unlimited potential, but the last Mayan Shaman you spoke to just didn't cut it. We’ll work for a comedic breakthrough together. Who knows, you may get the coveted Saturday Night Live, Weekend Update re-write gig that’s not yet posted, but in dire need of a comic genius like you.

 Am I qualified? Good question, during the past millennium, combined with the work of the great Sigmund Freud, I helped millions of people change the way they look at the world. He was a PHD and my background was in multi-level marketing, and yes, his contributions were substantially, astronomically, and universally greater than mine…yes he spoke to the world and I worked out of small office in Rialto, but our combined work can’t be ignored. I can help.

 I’m here, waiting for your questions. I love giving advice and hate taking it, so it’s the perfect gig for me. EMAIL KELLY

Kelly Bowlin is a freelance writer based in Los Angeles. He currently writes script and has been published in Yahoo, Suite 101, Digiguide, and utopian realms. He’s written two novels and a collection of 26 short stories titled The Modern Wild West in Shorts.

Teaser Articles from CB Correspondents

Wakemans UK Round – Up.
By: Gregory James Wakeman

Hello from the fresher, cleaner and greater side of the pond. We are still in the process of taking down our bunting, re-striffing our upper lips and drying our eyes, after the greatest day of all time.

Of course, I am referring to the Royal Wedding between Catherine the Commoner and Prince William of Aceness. An event of such enormous magnitude that it even caused Bin Laden to come out and die for the headlines again.

I have never been so proud and excited to call myself English. For you see their nuptial rite is the catalyst that will finally see the re-emergence of Great Britain as the worlds leading global power. All eyes were back on us baby, and this time we are not going to let them go. It’s going to take something a little bit bigger than nuclear annihilation to quiet down this imperial giant.

I can just see it now, The Queen and David Cameron, our Prime Minister before you all ask, standing on top of Obama’s corpse with Fish and Chips in one hand and a cup of tea in the other, all whilst quoting Shakespeare and staring deeply into each others eyes before they finally give in to temptation, embrace and make sweet love. That mental image is far more disturbing if you a) know what David Cameron looks like and b) know about his direly tiresome personality. Google it. Go on. I’ll give you some time ….

With the progress of my great country, I have decided that it is my duty to educate you, the American people in the finer things of the New Britain. And what better way for me to achieve this than by keeping you up to date with the comings of goings of British comedy. Please don’t send me the better ways in which I can achieve this.

So over the forthcoming weeks, months and possibly years, who knows this bitch could be long term, I plan to divulge every single ounce of information known to man about the U.K and its tremendous comedy scene.

I recognize that it has been a while since we were last on your radar, I know you had a little play fight to contend with avec Uncle Joe in Russia but that’s over now, so let me get you up to speed with what’s been going down.

I plan on providing in depth biography’s on the comedy greats that we have produced over the last 50 years including Tony Hancock, Spike Milligan, Ronnie Barker, Jasper Carrot, Billy Connelly and Dylan Moran. You have probably heard some of these names before, but I plan on going through the looking glass and providing an in depth revision of their performances and ask what them made so great, or I’ll just copy and paste the first paragraph I can find off Wikipedia.

We also have a plethora of festivals on the horizon that celebrate our famous sense of humour including the biggest in the world, Edinburgh that I shall report from whilst still attempting to maintain my sanity. All whilst providing an up to date report from the comedy clubs in London and Manchester and interviews with our most successful comedians.

As a devoted and passionate film aficionado, I also plan to provide more updates from the short film circuit as well as interviews from the powerful world of the British film industry. However when I say film industry basically I mean Richard Curtis and Hugh Grant.

Now with all this for you to ingest, I shall bid you adieu. Anyway we’re planning our next step for global domination, rumour has it that it involves a zombie Princess Diana. So just sit tight and wait for our invasion.

By: Greg Wakeman

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roz around town...

Roz is Around Town again with the Comic Bible. Catch her features and interviews in every issue. Check out her act. Follow her on Twitter. or contact her at CB here.

The Latest From ...
Roz Around Town
By Roz Browne

I recently had the pleasure of performing at The J Spot Comedy Club. In my opinion, it’s one of the best clubs for Comedy in Los Angeles.

Every time I’m at the J spot, I always wonder why more headlining Black Comedians don’t perform there. The usual answer I hear is that the location is bad. Well, as one who lived in Inglewood for years, not all areas in Inglewood are “bad”. I know they have bad areas in any city you visit but this not one of them. In fact, I don’t even think the club is in Inglewood. It could be Westchester. That’s just how close to the border line it is. So maybe saying Westchester adjacent instead of Inglewood would make a difference?? I don’t think so, 'cause it’s still on Manchester. And when you say, Manchester, most people think South Central, albeit Hood. Same thing.

But wait a minute. We’re not talking about the audience members coming to the club. At any given night, you can find the club packed with people waiting to laugh. We’re talking about the top rated comedians like Steve Harvey, Martin Lawrence and Chris Rock. How come they’re not coming down to the hood? So the next question is, are they going to any of the other clubs? And if so, which ones and why? Are they treated any differently in the white clubs then the black ones. Or maybe they don’t want to perform for their own kind? Ohh.. now I’m going deep here.

I did my own survey on why they’re not standing up. Here’s what some fellow comedians had to say:

“I would go to his club. Maybe he’s not reaching out to the right people”.

"Maybe he doesn’t pay like the white clubs do. It usually comes down to money. It’s the location too! Maybe they’re getting bad reports for that club and they’re just not going."

I don’t have the answer, but whatever it is they are losing out on performing for a great audience at a slamming club. Come now Steve, Monique, Martin, what are you waiting for? – Roz Browne

roz browneRoz Browne LA Comedy Award Nominee Comedian and Actress, Roz Browne was voted Boston’s Metro’s Favorite Comedian during the 2006 Boston Comedy Festival. Television appearances include NBC’s Outlaw, ABC’s The View, Comics Unleashed with Bryon Allen, Que Locos Comedy Jam, LifeTime TV,  BET’s Comic View, The Best of Comic View and America’s Funniest People.  She performs regularly at all of the major comedy clubs nationwide and was featured at the Toyota Comedy Festival in New York.  She also produces the popular “Merry Wives of Comedy” Show.

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