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Stand Up and READ this! Comic Bible comedian interviewees include Judah Friedlander, Bill Bailey, Heather McDonald, Pauly Shore, Darren Carter, Jane Morris, David Dean Botrell, Rich Vos, Marla Schultz, Jim Gaffigan, Gary Austin, Kay Cannon, Paul Provenza, Jackie Monahan, Tommy Savitt, Sunda Croonquist, Mike Marino, Ray Romano, Bonnie McFarlane, Gayla Johnson, Carelase Burke, J. Anthony Brown, Evan & Gareth, Rich Vos, Tracy Morgan, Lewis Black, Wanda Sykes, Eric Bogosian, Pat Cooper, Paul Rudd, Tommy Davidson, Andy Kindler, Jeffrey Ross, Dom Irrera, Lisa Lampanelli, Tommy Chong, Robert Klein, Judy Gold, Dave Chappelle, and so many more

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The Comic Bible Magazine
The Comic Bible Magazine thanks the comedy masses for its praises and vows to continue its valued reputation as an excellent comedy resource and publication - jam packed with comedy news, the Comic Times, interviews, reviews, listings and
more information about comedy than your smile can fit.

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The Comic Bible Magazine (ISSN: 1105-1095) and Comic Times published by PMS Productions Inc., hit the stage in the 90s and was soon a world-wide hit as the first and only magazine of its kind, covering all aspects of comedy – everywhere. Now-a-days there may be other comedy magazines but there is still only one ULTIMATE comedy source – the original definitive Bible of Comedy: The Comic Bible!

The latest issues are the same great comedy resource, featuring fabulous interviews with your favorite comedy stars, emerging talent, writers and show business industry professionals, and overflowing with comedy - everything ....

EACH Issue Contains:

Feature Interviews with:

Top Comedy Stars
Show business professionals
Comedy industry professionals

Sections include:

Stand-Up Comedy
Sketch and Improv Television Comedy
Writing Comedy
Funny Short Films / Books, CDs, Radio and Other Funny Stuff
Inside Show Business
-Agents Managers Bookers


-NY and Los Angeles Comedy Clubs and Bookers
-Another State Section of USA
-Overseas Comedy
-Comedy Contests and Festivals
-Comedy Websites
-Comedy Classes
-Talent Listings
-Comedy Productions and Job list


Finding the Funny
A look at the best comedy
Comedy News and Reviews

From USA & around the World
Laughter is the Answer
Comedy for Charity shows
Foreign Funnies
A broad look at Comedy abroad
Awards Unseasoned
Comedy accolades explored.

How to Write 'em and Tell 'em
Sitcom, TV, movies and more
Reality Check
A true look at the business
Law and Laughter
Legal and Accounting Advice
Looking Like a Pro
Lesson in Marketing and Relations
Fun Stuff
Cartoons by Bill Plympton
Comedy Gossip
Question & Answers
Comedy Casting
Classified Comedy Ads

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The Comic Bible Magazine keeps you on top of, and inside of the comedy industry, news, interviews and features you won’t find anywhere -except inside The Comic Bible Magazine!

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Great Interviews...

Festival Fever – CB covers festivals worldwide and catching up with a few of their Creators and Producers to get the scoop!

Filled with the USUAL ABUNDANCE OF COMEDY INFORMATION - Comic Bible has comedy coverage from more cities and countries than we can point to on a map!
Correspondents are in all of the hottest comedy spots throughout the USA and Overseas including:

NY is covered
Roz is Around Town – California
Amy’s in San Fran
Jen's Snickering in San Diego
King’s Covering Comedy from Chicago to LA
Zach has Chicago news

Terrence is Covering Comedy from the Streets of the Mid-West
Ally’s Comedy Between The Coasts
Kelly’s got a Korner
Lori’s Laughing in the Sun - Florida
Cuttin' up in Orlando
Sarah is in Texas
The PIT is sharing some space
Hans covered the Comedy beat
in South Africa
Candice is in Australia
Lauren is at Edinburgh
Greg’s in UK
news from a Netherlands booker

We’ve got news from the world and more!

All the usual sections, listings, articles and for pure fun,
& Comedian/Actor D.C. Benny reviewing classic comedies and other goodies


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More Comic Bible Praises from Comedians ...
"You were the first publication to give me a write-up and it led to my first paying job in comedy. Thanks!!
–Jeff Klinger
"I Love The Comic Bible."
Sunda Croonquist
"I love the article and the Bible itself - it is a great publication I am so happy it exists."
–Jackie Monahan
"Been performing in mostly Pennsylvania for 20 years and trying to bust out, got my first issue of the Comic Bible, look out 49 other states,  Amish Comic now has your phone number." "Great Read"
–Amish Comic
"Dan loves The Comic Bible Magazine!!!!! That is all!"
Dan Hudson
“The Comic Bible Rocks!!”
–Cathy Lewis
"We needed a good comedy magazine."
– Jerrod Cardwell
"Thanks for the great #comedy info. Funny is as funny does. Keep helping us DO IT!"

" have to get the Comic Bible."

Lisa Lampanelli
"We're talking to THE magazine here.."
—Adam Ferrara
"I feel blessed to be in The Comic Bible!"

—Tom Schiller

More Press and Industry QUOTES...

“Comic Bible is such a unique and very needed resource."
—Peggy Boyce, Admiire Ent. Ladies of Laughter

"...Highly regarded industry resource..."
–Stu Nulman, Book Banter West End Times.
Full review here

"The Comic Bible Magazine ... structured and has an incredible wealth of information in it. The last issue I read (Volume 4, Issue 1) had 136 pages (8.5 x 11) worth of great information - from articles written by touring comedians to Q&A with agents to venues in various cities, it covered about everything you might want to know as a stand-up comedian. ... If you're currently a stand-up comedian and you're looking for a great resource, check out the Comic Bible." Magazine."
Andrew Tarvin,

"...that exceptional resource for comedians is back out with a new issue and publishing again, which is very fortunate for ths stand-up comedy industry itself. Now since then, there have been other publications that went by similar names. Make no mistake, this is the original Comic Bible. Whether you want to call it the Comedy Bible or the Comic Bible, this is the magazine that gave pull to the name. No other publication before or after it has included the quanity or the quality of information this magazine has delivered to up and comming comedians and seasoned pros on a regular basis..."
–Shayne Michael Comedian, Producer, Read the full review here

"Love the Bible!"
– Comedian, Producer, Gladys Simon

“I'm glad to see The Bible is still so fantastic!”
–Jeffrey Gurian Comedy Matters

"Excellent ... comedy guide."

—Laugh Line

“Find listings- and a comic's point of view."
“...the publisher is the self appointed collector of all facts and opinions about comedy. Everything you ever wanted to know about the comedy business, with listings in a clear readable directory style with articles by professionals writing about professionals."
— NY Theatre Wire
“All-inclusive complete reference guide.”
—Backstage Pass All Access
“Comedy?... The Comic Bible.”
—Talent Magazine
“The only publication targeted to all facets of the comedy industry... a learning tool. ... there is no way anyone who reads the magazine can not benefit from it.” —Gene Perret, Author, Round Table

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